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December 9, 2015

It’s such a big deal to me to make it out to all shows like Unique LA, Having all types of brand in one space is such a dope concept for me because it keeps me on top of these new brands before the world gets to see them.On Instagram I tend to come across brands that have lots of followers which is  cool but I don’t get a chances to see many new undiscovered brands such as the ones at these smaller shows. Not saying that there aren’t popular brands at this show but you get what I mean, I have always been the guy to put people on to new things and I have to keep that up you feel me.

ADD_6984 ADD_6801 ADD_6979ADD_6797 ADD_6808 ADD_6796 ADD_6807 ADD_6802 ADD_6818 ADD_6819 ADD_6821 ADD_6812ADD_6851Got my Copy! We made the cover of Los Angeles Downtown news (see more).

ADD_6853 ADD_6848 ADD_6831Andrew Cheung

ADD_6828Rodolfo Ramirez

ADD_7024The Gentleman Alphonse

ADD_6861 ADD_6857 ADD_6870 ADD_6874 ADD_6884 ADD_6934ADD_6940 ADD_6944 ADD_6950 ADD_6897 ADD_6903 ADD_7007 ADD_7012 ADD_7022

I was wearing:

Tawny Goods Black Wingtip Boots

TOMS Florentin Matte TRAVELER Sunglasses

Komono Winston Royale Rose Gold Black Wrist Watch

Pocket Square Clothing Grey Floral Lapel Pin

Pocket Square Clothing Blue Chambray The Merrow Pocket Square

Photography by: Allen Daniel

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