November 19, 2015

F**k The Man. I’m The Man and that’s as simple as it gets! Lol

About a year ago I met this really dope guy Jeremy of Freeman Plat at Liberty Fairs in Los Vegas. What stopped me was their Quarter Jogger which was one of the most innovative shoe designs that I have ever seen at these shows, so you know me, I had to chop it up with them and give them props on the dope designs and amazing branding. Later in the year they sent me a few things that they thought I would like and let me tell you, they thought right! This really dope short sleeve sweatshirt (Extended Pocket Tee) was just what I’ve been looking for. You know I’m all about doing something different and innovative so receiving this was a big deal. The next day I hit my boy Allen up so we could shoot this look and this is what we came up with!

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I was wearing:

The Hundreds Off White Snap Back Hat.

Toms Lobamba Sunglasses

Freeman Plat Light Blue Extended Pocket Tee

American Apparel Light Blue And White Seersucker Shorts

Komono Winston Royale Rose Gold Black Wrist Watch

Toms Off White Leather Brogues

Photography by: Allen Daniel

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