Good Company

November 10, 2014

“You are the company you keep” and when you find good company, do what I did and team up with them. Swag.

If you didn’t know, this is my team – my go to guys and my brothers. I choose to keep myself around these guys as much as my schedule allows me to. The creative ideas that come from this union is ridiculous! What most people might not know is that we grew into three pretty dope brands, and without one another, I don’t think we would be as successful as we are today. The one thing that we do not allow is that we get together without taking a few snaps for the gram. No matter when or where we are, we absolutely have to capture imagery. Lol, it’s that real. I mean when we get together we create some of the most captivating menswear style visuals in town, so it’s not a bad habit. Whether it be editorials, Style As videos, or just plain old photos ops, these moments or locations stop us and give us that feeling to say the words “Hey, let’s get a few here.” And of course Briggs is going first! (drops mic) Haha.

Photo-Jan-28-3-32-20-AM Photo-Jan-28-3-25-33-AM Photo-Jan-28-3-31-16-AM Photo-Jan-28-3-30-23-AM Photo-Jan-28-4-27-00-AM Photo-Jan-28-3-58-30-AM Photo-Jan-28-3-34-55-AM Photo-Jan-28-3-37-13-AM Photo-Jan-28-4-20-37-AM Photo-Jan-28-4-17-21-AM Photo-Jan-28-4-14-57-AM

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