Matteo White Sale with B-Wade

January 11, 2016

2016 marks MATTEO’s 20th anniversary, and they put together the biggest sale ever! They brought out the scaffolding, made some calls and ta-da, the White Sale: A provisional marketplace celebrating community, craftsmanship, and design. You know if there is anything big going on in LA for fashion my family at Pocket Square Clothing are getting involved, so I hit up my boy B-Wade and told him to roll with me to check out this market sale. The biggest thing for me is collaborating, I try to do it at the first chance i get and the people that I hit up are more than eager to do the same. B-Wade and i have been looking to get together for some time now to just chop it up about building this year and trust me when I say this year we will, the ideas that we were bouncing off each other seemed so on the fly but come to find out after talking for a while they are things we have individually been looking to do for some time now. My dude has the vision and is definitely good company, you’ll for sure see more of B-Wade. Here are the images from this pivotal day.BB14 BB1 BB2 BB7 BB6 BB3 BB5 BB4 BB8 BB9 BB10 BB11 BB12 BB13 ADD_8238 ADD_8296 ADD_8298 ADD_8303 ADD_8389 Rodolfo Ramirez of Pocket Square Clothing.

ADD_8314 ADD_8339 ADD_8337ADD_8215 ADD_8212 ADD_8210 ADD_8217 ADD_8282 ADD_8200 ADD_8227 ADD_8229 ADD_8279 ADD_8266 ADD_8359 ADD_8363 ADD_8391 ADD_8370 ADD_8379 ADD_8168 ADD_8177 ADD_8174 ADD_8414 ADD_8427 ADD_8436 ADD_8247I was wearing:

Toms Denim Light Blue Memphis Sunglasses

H&M Textured-knit Two Tone Sweater

Komono Winston Royale Rose Gold Black Wrist Watch

Gallant & beau Chapel St. Socks

Toms Chestnut Brown Mateo Chukka Boots

Photography by: Allen Daniel

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