February 14, 2014

Set in rural Los Angeles, a group of my creative friends were brought together by Pocket Square Clothing for a vanguard if you will. Each from our own respective crafts, we were drawn to the same common interest in uniting the menswear landscape. In a moment of sincerity and camaraderie we looked to capture our personal style in an unfamiliar setting. There has been an undeniable and inevitable shift in men’s culture. Vanguard captures our desire to forge new beginnings. This is the new menswear landscape in Los Angeles.

vanguard 2 vanguard 3 vanguard 4 vanguard 5 vanguard 6 vanguard 7 vanguard 8 vanguard 10 vanguard 11 vanguard 12 vanguard 13 vanguard 14 vanguard 15 vanguard 16 vanguard 17 vanguard 18

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